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I started Jet Set Kiss & Tell after losing my ultra uptight corporate job at a Fortune 50 company in 2017. My passion for travel, experiences in dating, and love of lifestyle compelled me to blog about just that. I’m not an expert nor am I here to tell you how to travel, date or live your life, just here to share my spin on things.

I’m asked a lot about my exotic look and ethnicity. Strangers have guessed everything from Mexican to Swedish. I’m European & Native American, specifically British, Irish & Choctaw Indian. At least that’s what my Ancestry DNA results reveal. My family has been living in the United States for generations.

I spent most of my adolescence living back and forth between Austin and San Antonio, Texas. I am an only child and was so fortunate to have the most unbelievable loving parents who ever lived.

I earned my bachelors degree in Communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio where I pledged Phi Mu sorority and was honored to be elected Vice President. My career experience has ranged from retail fashion to automobile sales to consulting small business owners.

I moved to LA in 2014, started my life anew and have lived in the heart of Hollywood ever since. In 2017 I left LA to live as a nomad traveling the globe. I still consider LA home however and I return frequently. I made a conscious choice to live my life as I see fit, not as society suggests. I practice positive thinking, visualization, gratitude and meditation regularly. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Texas but LA has my heart and it’s the place I call home.

Every story I tell is true and in good humor. I do my best to point out my own flaws, triumphs and humiliations just as I do with the guys I’ve dated. I fondly and, sometimes not so fondly, anoint nicknames to my dates to protect their public identities. However, they know who they are. I passionately support human rights and it is my mission to write content that is not only relatable but also inclusive to ALL sexual genders and orientations.

I love to travel and through visualization and positive thinking, I had the opportunity to visit a few places in 2017, Punta De Mita, Dallas, Paris (x2), Chicago, Scottsdale, Bali (x4), Helsinki, Barcelona, Rome, Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez, Palm Springs (x3), Sydney (x3), Melbourne, Bangkok (x2) Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles (x13). It’s wanderlust that’s inspired me to share my travel finds with you.

I consider myself a free spirit living an inclusive lifestyle, surrounded with positive energy and free thinkers.

Thank you for reading Jet Set Kiss & Tell. I hope the content makes you think or at the very least gives you a good laugh. I created this with the intention of reader contribution, so please share your views and stories in the comments section.

Thank you again for reading Jet Set Kiss & Tell, if you found it entertaining please give it a Like, Share it, leave a Comment and Follow Jet Set Kiss & Tell below.

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I was working for a Fortune 35 Company for I'm living my dream, traveling the world, meeting new people, and sharing it all.

Free Spirit, Substance, Thrill Seeker, Sarcasm, Well Read, Spontaneous,
Cultured, Self Aware, Chill FunAF, Sweet Independent, DT Earth, Happy, Focused, Present, Sophisticated, Authentic, Work Hard/Play Harder, Gratitude All Day Every Day.

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  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad you liked it. It sounds like you are an adventurous person. I grew up in Southern California – Pasadena and surrounding beach areas – so I can understand how you love LA. Too crowded and smoggy for me now, but I often miss it. I wish you well on your blog.

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