First Kiss…Oh So Sexy or Oh So Awkward?

IMG_2681The first kiss.  It can be Oh So Sexy or Oh So Awkward. Either way, it usually sets the tone for what’s to come. When I think of recent first kisses, two immediately come to mind…and yes, I’m going to tell you about them in graphic detail.

Oh So Sexy!

I was on a sort of pre-first date with a guy I endearingly referred to as Elevator Guy. I say pre-first date because we casually met up to do some shopping and grab a bite before our planned first date which was a trip to Vegas. Subsequently, we ended up going out several times before the Vegas trip therefore this ended up afterall being a low-key first date. The date was easy and playful, neither of us trying too hard, but there was obvious chemistry. After dinner, he held the door open and I made my way around the corner in the direction of valet. He took my hand and said “I forgot something”, now leading me in the opposite direction. In the shadows of Sunset Boulevard, without hesitation and in one confident, agile move, he pulled me in and placed a passionate kiss on my lips. I playfully bit his lip, he smiled and ever so gently spun me around back toward valet. He left me wanting more. I have to give it up to Elevator Guy – nicely done!

Oh So Awkward!

It was one of those perfect fall nights in LA. The air was crisp with the hint of a cool breeze. We decided to walk the two blocks from my place to the restaurant. We made our way there and were seated promptly. He, who didn’t last long enough for a nickname, picked a tapas place in Hollywood known more for the ambiance than the food, but still a good choice. I obliged at his suggestion that I order for us both. As I carefully reviewed the menu, weighing critical decisions such as Artichoke Flatbread or Falafel, he abruptly announced his intention to kiss me before the night was over. Now I know what you’re thinking…if I didn’t want to kiss him, I should have just told him right then and there. And you’re right but we’re on a first date.  We haven’t even ordered the appetizers yet. I hadn’t even decided red or white,  let alone to kiss or not to kiss. Now, I can’t tell you how I responded.  Honestly, I think I blacked out. I do, however, remember that I ordered the Falafel and it was terrible. That aside, the rest of the night was actually quite pleasant. After a leisurely dinner and too much red wine, he walked me back to my place. We exchanged pleasantries and ended the night without a kiss. I made my way up in the elevator wondering what happened. He made things unnecessarily awkward by bringing up the first kiss too soon and even more awkward when he didn’t follow through. Later that night my phone chimed and it was him. “I really wanted to kiss you, but I lost my nerve. I won’t loose my nerve next time.” In case you’re wondering, I declined the second date. In his defense, we had a nice time but nothing is less sexy than a lack of confidence. This ended up being the worst first kiss that never happened.

Five components to make or break your next first kiss.

  1. Technique
  2. Confidence
  3. Timing
  4. Location
  5. Leave Them Wanting More

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  1. Boomer…

    Why mention it if you lack confidence..

    And there you were moisturizing your lips all night in anticipation of that kiss 😘..

    He really ruin that night..

    Tsk tsk tsk.. smh.. wagging my forefinger In the no motion.

    Liked by 1 person

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