10 Signs He’s A Fuckboy

10 Signs He's a Fuckboy Promo


I admit it, I’ve dated my share of Fuckboys…who hasn’t? I think most of us have dated or been friends with a Fuckboy at one point. Some of you reading this might even be Fuckboys. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not here to hate on Fuckboys. I’ll be the first to admit, they can be a lot of fun and serve a purpose, if you get my drift. In fact, there is one Fuckboy in particular who inspired me to write this. I contemplated changing his nickname to something a little less inappropriate but I want to keep it real, so here it is unbeknownst to him, his nickname is Magic Cock. That’s right I said it, Magic Cock. (Insert monkey covering his eyes emoji here.) We’re still friends on social media and chances are he’s reading this wondering…is she talking about me?

If you’re not sure what a Fuckboy is, let me break it down for you. A guy who comes into your life only to turn it upside down and leave. He will say and do anything to convince you he’s a nice guy. He pretends to genuinely care and tells you he wants a serious relationship. His only goal is to conquer you in every sense of the word: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and, of course, sexually. It’s purely a game for him. Once he has you, he moves on to his next conquest. If he senses you’ve pulled away or moved on with your life…he reappears. A fuckboy needs the constant attention of others to fulfill him.

Fuckboying: When a girl knows a guy is a fuckboy but plays along because the sex is so good. The fuckboy thinks she’s clueless but really she’s just fuckboying him.

Still not sure if he’s a Fuckboy…? Here are 10 warning signs:

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