Scottsdale…The Land of Beautiful Women

Scottsdale The Land of Beautiful women PromoOn a recent excursion, I headed to the desert, a place I’ve appointed the Beverly Hills of Arizona. That’s right, Scottsdale like Beverly Hills has no shortage of beautiful women or opulence of any kind, for that matter. From priceless collector cars, home to the world famous Barrett Jackson auction, to an oasis of Sugar Daddies, this town spells LUXURY in all caps. Not to mention the fantastic warm weather, art, culture, dining, hiking, golf, nightlife, pool parties, shopping and spas to pander to your every desire. Some of the local hot spots to see and be seen include the always trendy W Hotel and the ultra artsy AZ88 restaurant.  The Bottled Blonde and the Dakota are great spots for getting your drink on alongside hottie ASU college students.  The city itself rests adjacent to Phoenix and is well adorned with a cactus thoughtfully placed at every turn, running just 31 miles long and about 11 miles wide. The landscape wasn’t the only beautiful thing. The topic of beautiful women seemed to come up wherever I went. With a town full of Silver Fox – Sugar Daddy types, I guess it should be no surprise it’s busting wide open with gorgeous women too. Don’t think they’re not aware of it.  It was the distinguished Daddy types that pointed it out to me on more than several occasions. I found it quite amusing how proud they were to brag and boast that Scottsdale women are some of the best looking women in the world. It was amusing mostly because they were all vying for this LA girl’s attention. All kidding aside, I must agree Scottsdale women are quite the stunners. Don’t just take it from me, the “hot or not” mobile app has confirmed it. The city came in at 4th place for the Hottest Women in the United States. Not bad, especially considering LA didn’t even make the list. Still need convincing? The likes of Emma Stone (La La Land), Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman), and Jenna Jameson (The Queen of Porn), are a mere sampling of women that call Scottsdale home.

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