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IMG_3738I created Jet Set Kiss & Tell with the intention of contribution and collaboration. I prefer to tell my own true stories, but sometimes friends share stories that are just too good to pass up. When that happens I ask them to write their story and share it here in their very own words as only they can.

A special thank you to my very first contributing author Miss Intellect, a true romantic. She’s the total package, a perfect combination of smart, sexy and sweet!


Miss Intellect

She pins her home as no one location. She has traveled extensively and collected experiences, stories, and lessons both in the classroom and in the bedroom. Intellect enjoys dancing, spas, travel, movies, writing, and cooking. So far, she  has visited 20 countries and counting. Although single, with plenty of jaw-dropping dating experiences, she is still hopeful to someday find love.

Mr. Variety

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I was working for a Fortune 35 Company for I'm living my dream, traveling the world, meeting new people, and sharing it all.

Free Spirit, Substance, Thrill Seeker, Sarcasm, Well Read, Spontaneous,
Cultured, Self Aware, Chill FunAF, Sweet Independent, DT Earth, Happy, Focused, Present, Sophisticated, Authentic, Work Hard/Play Harder, Gratitude All Day Every Day.

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