Mr. Variety


Brought to you by Miss Intellect, a Jet Set Kiss & Tell Contributing Author.

I met him through mutual friends. They told me he would be coming to visit LA from Australia for over a weeks time with a group of single eligible bachelors. I was told he was smart, successful, well mannered, gentlemanly, fun, and was excited to meet me. He sounded promising. Sign me up, I thought.

From across the world we began talking over text and phone. We exchanged pictures, stories, secrets. We spoke of our families, our dreams, and our fantasies. For close to a month we stayed in touch daily. He told me about past failed relationships and what he was looking for the future. He asked me well thought out questions and wanted to hear about what I was looking for. Mr. V put in a lot of work to get to know me and get my mind spinning about how my future could potentially change once meeting. One day he shared that he was hoping I would be the one he could move across the world to be his wife. He was excited that I had the chance to establish work in the country he lived. Things were moving along smoothly. I became very excited to meet him when he landed in LA. I had helped him make plans for him and his friends for their vacation and naturally was invited to join in on many of the plans, reservations and events to come. On a given afternoon, Mr. V was happy to tell me he had moved his arrival date forward by 5 days so he could have more time in LA, meet me that much sooner, and have more time with me as well. With much excitement, I made sure I had a new swimsuit ordered for the pool party, a formal gown for the black tie cocktail party, and a fun daytime outfit for the Universal Studios Trip.

After a full month of waiting and getting to know Mr. Variety, the day finally came that he arrived in my city. We had set plans for dinner the following night at a trendy bouj restaurant in town with the two of us and a few of the male friends that had already arrived. Dinner was incredible. The food was amazing. The ambiance was sexy and trendy. The company was entertaining. Mr. V was very attentive to how I was feeling among the new group of friends and paid attention to my responses to their flirtations. He was protective and I felt very safe. I was overwhelmed by how caring and kind he was. It was nothing like I was used to from past dating experiences, at least not this early on. He held my hand under the table before appetizers were even served. He became uneasy when his friends made flirty comments directed at me. He seemed impressed and was generous with compliments. Mr. V and his friends, being from another country, wanted to hear my perspective on dating in the US and how it differed from their “norm”. I received the information that men from Aus were generally territorial, loyal, and protective of their women; serial dating and polyamorous relationships were perturbing and not familiar; and Aus men loved American women because they were generally more driven and independent.

By the end of several hours of fun at the restaurant, Mr. Variety had won me over. We went back to the house he was staying in while his friends stayed out. We did our “thing” and cuddled in bed after. He asked me to stay over but I couldn’t because I wasn’t prepared with an overnight bag. We laid in bed for 2 hours post … and I did a lot of listening. Mr. V told me how he wanted to eventually have me out to Aus to make him the happiest man. He said he would want 4-6 children with me and would be happy to have me not work so I could pamper myself and take care of the kids along with several nannies. He asked me about the logistics of moving my business out there until the time came to have babies. He shared his well planned timeline of how long he would want to wait for an engagement and then marriage. He said nothing would make him happier than to be able to see me daily. As we discussed the more recent future, he said he didn’t want to go hiking in LA without me and wanted us to do an exercise class together the next afternoon. I left late that night (after he fell asleep on my chest) feeling so happy, fulfilled, and excited to see him the next day. I immediately texted our mutual friends to thank them for introducing us. They were equally pleased as to how well we connected on such a deep level.

The next morning I heard nothing from him. The afternoon exercise class we were supposed to do together started and finished and I still heard nothing from him. Into early afternoon I finally reached out to him while feeling confused, hurt, and annoyed. I did what I do best…express honesty with verbalizing my thoughts. “Can’t stop thinking about last night. You have left me wanting more.” Okay, perhaps that was a bit forward of me to just put it all out there but after the conversation the night before and his vulnerability, I had no hesitation in sharing my thought. The reply was a sub-par “That was fun! I enjoyed it too”. At this point, things came unhinged fast. Moving forward in conversation, I said, “I am trusting and find the good in people. I trust until given a reason not to.” And that is when it happened. Like a ton of bricks, I was hit with the real truth. This truth was very different from the supposed truth I had heard from Mr. V after we had already slept together. “I don’t really need to trust because I refuse to date. I prefer the single life. I’m not a relationship guy at all. I like variety.” And the jaw dropped. I never saw him again although I did receive a late night booty call text each night thereafter while in LA but he made no actual attempt to see me again. Mr. Variety had already moved on to the next one.

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Brought to you by Miss Intellect a Jet Set Kiss & Tell Contributing Author.

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  1. 😳 wow!!!


    What a douchebag… maan..,

    Men like mrV.. leaves a bitter taste in your mouth 👄….

    raging 😤..
    so names pops up in my head for him..

    But he’s not worth it…
    his lost…

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  2. That sunovabitch… but it goes to show, maybe slow is the way to go for a relationship. If you just want sex, nothing wrong with that. But all the other stuff he said was wayyyyyy over the top, especially all the talk about babies.

    Liked by 1 person

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