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  1. A male reader posted this comment to my Instagram and had to share…

    “Funny! You also forgot the girls giving the middle finger, the girls with the gun, the girl who has so many friends you don’t know who you’re looking at in the pic, the girl with a guy in every pic and the pic with a guy in every single photo. One time I saw a girl kissing a guy as her first photo. Like what?”

    Haha that’s great thanks for your comment! 🙏🏼

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  2. Really some good pointers.

    Some of the photos used is so outrageously inappropriate for the sites..
    as you said.. a place and time for it all..

    And for god sake.. use your own photos..
    you can only be you. And only those that find you attractive or gorgeous is going to try to connect with you..

    Deception never ends good..

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