I initially met Duke the way any nice girl meets a nice boy…on Tinder of course. I’ll call him Duke as he never actually earned a nickname.

Our convo started out with the normal pleasantries and naturally moved to WhatsApp after about ten messages. You see, he was in Melbourne, Australia and I was in Los Angeles, California. We matched on Tinder Passport, we each had a trip planned in the near future to the other’s home turf.

For the six long weeks leading up to my trip to the land down under, we texted each and every day. We talked on the phone for hours and helped each other through difficult patches in our lives. As the weeks went on my trip began to revolve around him. I initially planned to visit Melbourne only but we decided it would be fun to spend a few nights together in Sydney and a week in Melbourne. He made all the arrangements, booked our flights and hotels, suggested we climb the Harbour Bridge and planned a romantic dinner my first night in Sydney.

Two to three weeks prior to the trip, he suggested that I bring my single girlfriend Miss Intellect along. He knew of her and knew she was dying to visit Australia. He said he had several single friends that we could double date with. Truth be told, I guess I should have known right then and there what was to unfold…but I didn’t see it coming.

Miss Intellect initially joined us in a group chat along with Duke’s single friend who I cleverly nicknamed Harrison Glendale. Harrison earned his nickname, oh yes he did! Two weeks and counting and the boys layed it on thick to convince Miss Intellect to join. “Get yourself to Sydney and we’ll take care of the rest!”

True to form, Miss Intellect threw caution to the wind and booked her flight to Sydney. The boys and I were thrilled! Duke booked her on the same flight with us from Sydney back to Melbourne and confirmed our hotel reservations.

On Saturday night Duke, Miss Intellect and I had plans to meet up with Harrison Glendale in Melbs for dinner, drinks and a fun night out on Chapel street. Harrison was something of a self proclaimed man around town in Melbs. As it turned out he was also the ring leader of Duke, Mr. Variety (who subsequently earned his very own story) and at least a dozen other faithful gentlemen followers.

The day before our trip, plans slowly began to crumble. Duke called to say something came up at work and he wouldn’t be able to join us in Sydney. He made a thoughtful suggestion for sightseeing, covered our stay at The Westin and e-mailed our flight confirmations. Oh well, we thought, maybe it’s for the best to give us a chance to rest up after a fourteen hour flight and have some much needed girl time.

It was Saturday night and Duke picked Miss Intellect and I up at the ultra trendy Olsen Hotel on Chapel Street where he had arranged a room for us. We were dressed to impress although we didn’t seem to make an impression on anyone other than our driver. Not a word, not even “you ladies look lovely tonight” was uttered by Duke. We arrived at the restaurant and were promptly seated at a four top. Duke objected “the reservation was for five, not four!”. Miss Intellect and I looked at one another puzzled, who was the fifth? You won’t believe what happened next…to be continued.

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