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The Story Continues…

Anxiously I inquired, “Who will be joining us?” This was a first date after all. Who could it be I wondered? “We invited another hottie to dinner. You girls will love her!” Duke proudly announced. He grinned from ear to ear with his blinding irridescent smile.

If there was any doubt in our minds, it was now clear that this was no ordinary double date. Miss Intellect and I didn’t have to utter a single word to one another. This wasn’t our first rodeo. Call it women’s intuition, girl code or a wicked sense of humor, but with one look we knew exactly what the other was thinking.

Harrison arrived fifteen minutes late with an espresso martini in hand. It was obvious he wanted to make an entrance. He made his presence known to me by approaching from behind in a military maneuver, no doubt. I was seated as he stood directly behind me and stared down the front of my plunging dress, until I felt his Joker-like presence. A move which I assumed was his trademark. He wasn’t a tall man, had a receding hair line, uber tan and was adorned in a black and white hounds tooth blazer and polka dot pocket square.

Once I gratified his childlike need for attention, he took his seat.  He was already mid story. With a magic wave of his hand, he ordered a second espresso martini with no concern for anyone else’s drink. He regaled us with the tale of a celebrity friend, half a tale really. It was his way of letting us know he knew people. Miss Intellect and I gave each other a look as to silently signal we were not impressed.

As Harrison finished off his first drink, Duke took advantage of the rare but momentary lull in conversation to finally introduce Miss Intellect and me to Harrison. He offered no more than a clink of his glass before starting his next story. Neither Miss Intellect nor I could get a word in edgewise. Duke stayed quiet as well but hung on to every word as if it were gospel.

“Ladies tell Harrison about…” Duke started to say before being interrupted by Harrison. “I’m hungover! I need food!  No talking until we’ve decided. Let’s order!” (Keep in mind this is a forty-something year old man. It’s nearly nine o’clock at nite and he’s still hungover from the evening before. Our only delay in ordering was waiting for him to arrive and listening to him ramble.) As instructed, we obediently reviewed the menu in silence and promptly ordered.

Once orders were placed, Miss Intellect chimed in…”Where is your friend, the one who’s joining us?” “Oh…I don’t think she’s coming. I don’t know what’s going on with her” Duke mumbled. “It’s probably for the best. We don’t want someone who’s not ALL IN!” teased Miss Intellect. “Fuck-her! We have plenty of other girls we can call” Harrison added as he simultaneously picked up his phone and started scrolling through his contact list.

While looking for a fifth to join us, Harrison continued to dominate the conversation. As entrees were served including Duke’s spatchcock (quite fitting if you’re familiar with its historical definition), Harrison interjected, “Ladies, scoot in close for a picture. I’m sending it to my friend, John.” “Umm we’re good, no pictures, you can just tell him we’re hot.” I scowled. CLICK – he took it anyway. “Sent! He’s the one I told you about earlier, dating that celebrity. I’m going to call him and see if he wants to join us at my place later.”

“Hey, are you in or what?” scoffed Harrison.  “We’re all heading to my place after dinner. Come over! Here girls, talk to John. He wants to hear your voices.” Miss Intellect took the phone first, “Hi John, how are you?….I’m great too, just having dinner. What are you up to tonight?…Oh that’s nice.” “Talk dirty to him!” Harrison pressed. “Give me the phone!” I demanded. I cleared my throat and in my sexiest whisper of a voice I started in. “Hiiii John, this is Leanna…I’ve heard so much about you! Do you wanna come over and play tonight?” “Oh wow! I would love to but I’m out right now. I should be able to come by a little later though.” he enthusiastically replied. “I hope so sexy. I can’t wait to meet you!” I teased. “So I’ll talk to you later…I’m actually in the car with my girlfriend right now.” Well that’s akward! “Talk to you later then…?” I stuttered in my regular non sexy whisper voice. “My girlfriend would be VERY into you. I’ll bring her along!” he surprisingly replied. “Mhmm yes! Can’t wait to play with her too!?!” I toyed, and with that, I handed the phone back to Harrison. For the first time all night, he seemed ecstatic with my performance.

“John and his girl are in! Who else can I text? There’s Georgia, Niki, Rosie. No, not Rosie. Chloe, Ashley – yes, definitely Ashley, Niki, mhmm…Aimeeeee, Victoria and ummm Courtney.” Harrison muttered to himself. And with that, text by text was sent arranging an all out orgy. Duke filled us in on the evening’s agenda as if it had not become abundantly clear what they had planned.

If Part Two surprised you, Part Three will blow you away…to be continued.

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