Solar Eclipse Survival Kit

Solar Eclipse Survival Kit Promo

The United States will experience a Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st. It’s said to be the most gorgeous natural wonder we will ever see. I’ve put together a Survival Kit of sorts which includes all the gear you’ll need on hand to make the most of it. From where to watch it, to how to photograph it and even a Solar Eclipse crash course.


A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. A Full Solar Eclipse, known as Totality, is almost as dark as night. If you are in the path of totality, illustrated below, you will experience a Total Solar Eclipse. For those of you outside the path of totality, you will experience a Partial Solar Eclipse. This will be the first Total Solar Eclipse in the United States in 38 years and the first in nearly 100 years to span the continental U.S. and is predicted to be the most viewed Solar Eclipse ever. The next Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S. will occur in 7 years.

Solar Eclipse Map - Mental Floss


The Moon’s shadow will be seen first beginning at 10:15 AM (Pacific Time) and will travel southeast through Oregon > Idaho > Wyoming > Nebraska > Kansas > Missouri > Illinois > Kentucky > Tennessee > Georgia > North Carolina > South Carolina and will be visible last at around 2:49 PM (Eastern Time).


The Solar Eclipse is not safe to be viewed by the naked eye, so you must prepare to take the appropriate precautions to keep from harming your eyesight. Do not view the sun without the use of the appropriate protective eyewear designed for viewing a solar eclipse. Failure to observe the proper precautions may result in permanent eye damage or vision loss.


If you’re lucky enough to view it from the range of totality, you will see a change in your surroundings. The sky will turn dark like night, the temperature will drop 10°–15° F, the air will be still and calm, even the birds will go quiet.


If you plan to photograph the eclipse, you need to utilize a solar filter on the end of your lens or you could potentially harm your camera’s image sensor. The only time during a solar eclipse when it’s safe to look directly at the sun without a solar filter is during totality. In fact, you have to take your solar filter off the camera to photograph the totality of the eclipse, putting it back on to capture the back end of the eclipse as the moon moves away from obstructing the sun.


Whether you plan to watch the solar eclipse with friends or on a first date, make it memorable!

  • Host a Viewing Party at Your Place
  • Jet Set with your Bestie to the Zone of Totality using KAYAK & Airbnb
  • Plan a “Day Date” Picnic in the Park
  • Road Trip it & Campout in the Zone of Totality

Here’s a checklist of everything you’ll want on hand to make the most of it. If you’d like to learn more including the precise timing your city will see the Eclipse checkout the NASA – Total Solar Eclipse website.


(   ) Rains Backpack – Amazon

(   ) Picnic Basket & Blanket – Amazon

(   ) Insulated Water Bottles – Amazon

(   ) Patron Solar Eclipse Cocktail

(   ) Folding Chairs – Amazon

(   ) Outdoor Throw Pillows – Amazon

(   ) Solar Eclipse Glasses – Amazon

(   ) Rains Jacket for Her – Amazon

(   ) Rains Jacket for Him – Amazon

(   ) The Face Shop Sunscreen – Amazon

(   ) Smart Phone & Phone to USB Cable – Apple

(   ) Portable Phone Charger – Amazon & AA Batteries – Amazon

(   ) Telephoto Smart Phone Lens – Amazon

(   ) Camera+ The Ultimate Photo App

(   ) Cards Against Humanity – Amazon

(   ) Jawbone Big Jambox Wireless Speaker – Amazon

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