In Bed with CURVE Bodyboard Shop Bali



I hopped in bed with the owner of CURVE Bodyboard Shop, the only shop in Bali specializing in Bodyboards. He gave me full access and opened up about his boards, his bed and all things Bali. As with all my “In Bed With…” interviews, we conducted it under the sheets and I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

Ephrem found a way to mix his passion for bodyboarding with his entrepreneurial spirit to fill a gap in the Bali market. CURVE carries the top 2 equipment brands NMD and VS for all ages and skill levels. In addition to renting and selling bodyboards and equipment, CURVE also gives lessons and arranges bodyboarding trips.

I had to ask the controversial question, “why is bodyboarding better than surfing?” Without hesitation, he replied: “The feeling on the wave is different, there is more contact, it’s more like being one with the wave. Surfing is also a good feeling, but I think bodyboarding is better in my opinion. The point of view is more exciting, there is more of an adrenalin rush and a bodyboarder can ride wilder waves called slabs.” He surfs too, so I guess I’ll take his word for it. “SOLD! I’m ready for my first lesson!” I winked and gave him a playful nudge.

Before I jump right in to the tough questions, let me tell you a little more about Ephrem. He’s French, complete with an irresistible accent, and has the flirty personality to match. He has sandy brown hair sun kissed by the sea, deep hazel eyes and a tan to die for. Besides the good looks and personality he’s got the brains and ambition to back it up. Did I mention he’s single?!? Ha ha, seriously though he’s ready to mingle.

Now let’s get to the juicy stuff…

What would you say is your favorite indulgence? “Sleeping!! I love to sleep! Also a Long Black Espresso every morning at Mandira Cafe on Echo Beach. Oh, and a massage every week.”

Do you like to cuddle? “Only with pillows!” he laughs. (By the way, he’s cuddling the fuck out of a pillow at this very moment.)

What would you say your best physical attribute is? Haha he laughed, “seriously? My tongue, just kidding my lips”, he teased.

Which bar in Bali is your go-to? “Motel Mexicola in Seminyak”. I have to agree with him on that. It’s a fun spot if you’re in the mood to party.

What do you have in your night table? “Ear plugs, mosquito repellent, phone charger, a book and the a/c remote. Sorry nothing exciting!” He regretfully apologized.

Have you ever ghosted a girl you’ve dated? “It may have happened”, he joked.

What do you do on a typical Saturday night in Bali? “Sunset drinks at Drink Point Bar & Bottle Shop, followed by dinner at MY WARUNG Canggu, ending the night at a friend’s villa for a pool party with a DJ and great group of friends.

What is your favorite characteristic in a woman? “Physically a pretty face, characteristically feminine and a genuinely nice person.”

What do you usually drink when you go out? Jagger Bomb Vodka Red Bull

What’s a naughty fun fact you can tell me about yourself? “I love having sex in water, in the shower, in the pool, in the ocean. There is something so sexy about the water dripping on your body and the weightlessness of being in the water.”

What is your star sign? “Virgo”

Which side of the bed do you sleep on? “The left side.”

Do you have plans for the future? “I plan to further expand the coaching side of my business to include a bodyboarding camp around Bali. I also plan to compete in the first leg of the world tour international contest which will take place in Hawaii this year.” Click Here to help him get there! 

Likes? “Pulling Hair!!” I guess this is where the conversation goes when it takes place in bed.

Dislikes? “Girls that talk too much!” He tells me this after I’ve asked him about a million questions. Is he trying to tell me something….ha, ha!

CURVE Bodyboard Shop Bali


WhatsApp: +62 852 81962424

Street Shop: Open in Google Maps

Instagram: CurveBodyboardShop_Bali

Facebook: Curve Body Board Shop Bali



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