10 Signs He’s a Boy Not a Man


I recently met three little boys under the age of 10 that inspired me to write this. I was laying out by the pool on a warm winter day in LA. Out of the sky fell a dozen perfect white roses. I turned around and there behind the pool house stood three little boys giggling and waving at me. “Ma’am those roses are for you!” one shouted. I smiled, blew them a kiss and returned to my sunbathing. Several minutes later they cautiously approached with a dozen more roses in hand. One by one they introduced themselves and asked if they could take a picture with me. “Sure!” I said, but I wondered, is that weird? After all, there I was in a thong bikini glistening in suntan oil. “Fuckboys in Training” I laughed to myself. I’m sure I’ll be getting a confused phone call from their mothers any day now.

My short encounter with the boys got me to thinking. While some little boys act all grown up, some grown men are nothing more than little boys. You know the ones I’m talking about – they’re usually tall, dark and handsome, over the age of 25. Many of them even have a real job and live on their own, but don’t let that fool you. That’s what makes them so tricky to spot.

Still not sure…?

10 Warning Signs : He’s a Boy Not a Man


He doesn’t make solid plans with you. Things are always left up in the air. Some of his favorite phrases are: maybe, I’m not sure, sometime, we’ll see, later, I don’t know, etc.


He’s ok with letting you pay for half the date, you know, the date HE ASKED YOU to go on. Not because he’s liberated, he’s just cheap.


 He cancels plans with you and has a lame excuse like “my aunt unexpectedly came into town and I have to spend the day with her”. You know, his lame excuse is just code for…”I went out with the guys last night and I’m too hungover to take you out today.”


He trys to turn things around on you to avoid expressing his true feelings. He makes excuses rather than owning up to his faults.


He disappears for a week at a time, then resurfaces as if nothing happened.


He apparently believes chivalry is dead, because he can’t be bothered to hold a door open for anyone but himself. 


He’s all talk and no action. He tells you things like…”Next week we should see that new movie”, but when next week rolls around, he’s nowhere to be found.


He says he’ll call or text you later, but conveniently forgets or says he “fell asleep”. He doesn’t forget just once and you don’t know anyone who sleeps as much as he does.


He lies about his age, relationship status and/or living situation. If that’s not pathetic enough, he thinks you’re dumb enough to believe him.


He’s selfish and completely self absorbed. Everything you do together revolves around his schedule. I’m not talking about his busy schedule at the office, rather his busy schedule working out, playing fantasy football and any other activity that revolves around the guys or beers.


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